Great Gift Ideas For New Homeowners

Posted in Home Interior Design Tips

With the holiday season in full swing, you may be struggling to think of a gift idea for that one friend who just bought a home. This major investment is very expensive and often leaves the new owners struggling to furnish their new bedrooms, dining room and other living spaces.

Although it’s not up to you to act as interior decorator, there are some choice pieces you can purchase for a friend that will help him or her adjust to the new home more easily.

Recliner Chairs

Coming home to a new place can be hard at first, especially when most of your furniture is “the basics.” Surprise your friend this holiday season with a comfort lounger or plush recliner that can make the transition into a new home a little easier. You can find great lounge chairs from top brands including Bernhardt, Baker and Century Furniture.

Bedroom Accessories

Another room that will be partially furnished when your friend moves in is the bedroom. Sure, the bed and dresser will be in place, but there are plenty of accessories you can add that will make the room come to life. From landscape mirrors and floor mirrors to mahogany and walnut bed steps, there are plenty of pieces that can make a new bedroom more comfortable and accessible.

This holiday season, make new homeowners feel special by offering fine furniture gifts they will remember and cherish forever.