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Connecticut Home Interiors is open for business! The health and safety of our community, customers and associates is always our top priority.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we are following all CDC and State of Connecticut guidelines to ensure a safe shopping experience. Face masks are required to enter our showroom.

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Kid-Proof Fabrics from Rowe Furniture

Rowe Furniture has been manufacturing dependable, quality upholstery for the past 70 years. In addition to sofas, sectionals, chairs, beds and home accents, Rowe has a collection of furniture slipcovers to protect the furniture you carefully selected for your home.

Kid-Proof Performance Fabrics

The company recently introduced Kid-Proof, a line of fabrics with the beauty you expect from Rowe and the high performance a young family needs. Kid-Proof by Rowe offers homeowners the largest collection of durable furniture fabrics in a variety of modern styles.

Never cry over spilled milk again! Families with little ones no longer have to sacrifice the beautiful furniture pieces they want due to sticky toddler fingers and spilled drinks.

All Kid-Proof fabrics are stain resistant, while some are also fade, smell and liquid resistant for easy maintenance. These fabrics are easy to clean; simply blot messes away with a damp cloth to keep your furniture looking brand new.

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Great Gift Ideas For New Homeowners

With the holiday season in full swing, you may be struggling to think of a gift idea for that one friend who just bought a home. This major investment is very expensive and often leaves the new owners struggling to furnish their new bedrooms, dining room and other living spaces.

Although it’s not up to you to act as interior decorator, there are some choice pieces you can purchase for a friend that will help him or her adjust to the new home more easily.

seahorse tissue paper holder Recliner Chairs

Coming home to a new place can be hard at first, especially when most of your furniture is “the basics.” Surprise your friend this holiday season with a comfort lounger or plush recliner that can make the transition into a new home a little easier. You can find great lounge chairs from top brands including Bernhardt, Baker and Century Furniture.

Bathroom Accessories

Chances are the bathroom will be furnished with the necessary cabinets and vanities, but you can always chime in with fine accessories, including decorative toilet paper holders and soap dishes. There are many types of accessories available at CT Home Interiors, including the Seahorse tissue holder, the two-cast brass sitting monkey soap dish and the frog with umbrella soap dish bowl to choose from that will add distinct and fun decor to traditional and contemporary home bathrooms.

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Tips for Creating a Productive Home Office

These days, more people are working from home, both part- and full-time. As the shift from the corporate to the home office becomes more popular, it is important to create home offices that are comfortable, efficient and separate from your everyday living spaces.

Here are a few tips to help you transform a room in your home into a functional home office.

desk in home office

Baker Furniture for the Home Workplace

Find the Right Space

When you plan to work from home, seriously consider the best space for your work. Depending on what your business entails, you will need a space and set-up that appropriately suits your needs. Some choose to furnish extra space in a basement, while others will devote an entire room to their office. If there is one bit of advice we strongly suggest, make sure your home office is removed from your everyday living spaces. The living room or bedroom will likely be prone to distractions, so it is essential to find a dedicated space for work.

Furnish it Properly

Consider the offices you have worked in during your career and furnish your home office accordingly. You will most likely need a spacious desk or drafting table, which allows you to either sit or stand when working. A chair that offers the same flexibility is also a good choice, since many people are buying into the new slogan that ‘sitting is the new smoking’. Find ergonomic desks and chairs that are functional and comfortable, so you can be productive throughout the day! You may also want to include chairs for clients if your business will involve meetings at your home. This may not be typical, but many entrepreneurs are bending and breaking the rules of standard office protocol.

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Furnishing Tips for New Construction

Unfortunately, most homeowners buy an existing home and have to work with the space they have when it comes to furnishing. However, if you have the chance to build a brand new home from the ground up, you have the opportunity to fulfill all your design dreams. Knowing the amount of space you will have for kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms gives you an advantage and allows you to furnish exactly how you want. Of course, this doesn’t mean it will be an easy task.

These three helpful tips will get you started.

sketched floorplan Measurements

When you embark on building a new home, you will be sitting down with architects and contractors to plan the structure’s layout. During this time, it’s a good idea to jot down all the measurements that pertain to room sizes including width, height from floor to ceiling and square footage. Knowing these numbers in advance will prove beneficial later when you are shopping for sofas, dressers and lighting. Consider how you want certain rooms to look, specifically kitchens and master bedrooms, so you can let the architects know what size space you want.

Natural Lighting

You don’t have much say when decorating an existing home, but with a brand-new design, you have the benefit of dictating the terms when it comes to space. One area every homeowner wishes they had more of is natural light. During the design phase of the home, you have the chance to see where rooms will be facing and how to take advantage of natural sunlight. Deciding where the living room and kitchen will go allows you to get the most natural light possible to make each room more welcome and comfortable.

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