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Using the time-honored skills of local artisans in Pennsylvania, Zimmerman Chair designs and manufactures a wide selection of finely crafted solid wood chairs and tables for living spaces in the home. Combining classic designs with timeless beauty, Zimmerman crafts exquisite wood chair and table sets that are elegant, stylish and built to last.

Zimmerman offers three distinct collections; American Heirlooms, Old World Heirlooms and Zimmerman Live Edge to give discerning homeowners plenty of options for furnishing dining rooms, living rooms and other living spaces with high quality chairs and tables. Each collection features hand-crafted furniture based on traditional models including early American and old world European to produce classic pieces that will add unique décor to your home.

The American Heirlooms collection builds on the rich heritage of early Pennsylvanian German craftsmen and Amish style Shaker furniture and delivers high quality table and chair sets that will fit perfectly with traditional kitchens, dining rooms and living rooms. All American Heirlooms furniture is made from solid cherry, oak and maple harvested in the Northeastern United States and features classic designs including steam bending and tenoned leg detail. Available in a number of distinct styles including Park Avenue, Capri and Cambridge, the American Heirlooms collection offers a wide selection of hand-crafted wood chairs and tables in classic finishes.

For homeowners looking to create a truly traditional look and feel in their homes, the Zimmerman Old World Heirlooms collection is full of timeless European designs that will set a classic tone in home living spaces. The chairs and tables in the Old World collection can be finished with hand-rubbed stains and studio-style finishes, and made unique with individual hand-scraping and glazing.
If a natural look is what suits your décor tastes, the Zimmerman Live Edge collection will add a rustic and distinct style to your home. Each live edge table is built from salvaged trees and be sued for dining tables and occasional tables. By retaining the distinctive style of the source tree, each live edge table has a style and beauty all its own.