Tips for Creating a Productive Home Office

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These days, more people are working from home, both part- and full-time. As the shift from the corporate to the home office becomes more popular, it is important to create home offices that are comfortable, efficient and separate from your everyday living spaces.

Here are a few tips to help you transform a room in your home into a functional home office.

desk in home office

Baker Furniture for the Home Workplace

Find the Right Space

When you plan to work from home, seriously consider the best space for your work. Depending on what your business entails, you will need a space and set-up that appropriately suits your needs. Some choose to furnish extra space in a basement, while others will devote an entire room to their office. If there is one bit of advice we strongly suggest, make sure your home office is removed from your everyday living spaces. The living room or bedroom will likely be prone to distractions, so it is essential to find a dedicated space for work.

Furnish it Properly

Consider the offices you have worked in during your career and furnish your home office accordingly. You will most likely need a spacious desk or drafting table, which allows you to either sit or stand when working. A chair that offers the same flexibility is also a good choice, since many people are buying into the new slogan that ‘sitting is the new smoking’. Find ergonomic desks and chairs that are functional and comfortable, so you can be productive throughout the day! You may also want to include chairs for clients if your business will involve meetings at your home. This may not be typical, but many entrepreneurs are bending and breaking the rules of standard office protocol.

Find desks that have ample room for a full computer workstation. You may be working off a laptop, but most likely will have a high-powered CPU and printer, so the more surface space you have, the better. You may also want a sofa that provides a relaxing space to lay down and brainstorm ideas. The more you slip into your living room and family room, the more distracted you become from your work. Design a home office space that makes you feel like you’re removed from your home, so you can focus.

Make it Your Own

The same way we decorate our cubicles and offices is the same approach you should take with your home office. Look for end tables, wall art, lighting and bookcases that create a comfortable environment for your chosen field. Leave yourself enough space to pace the floor in case you need to walk around while on a phone call or need to get the creative juices flowing. Another good idea is to leave the TV for another room. The information you’ll need can easily be found online and a TV in the room is asking for a distraction. Stereos or speaker systems are fine, since music often helps people stay focused. Also, add some plants and other decor pieces that will bring your home office to life.

You may be spending long hours in your home office, so it makes sense to design a comfortable space!