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In 1899, Gold Bond Mattress founder Isadore Naboicheck started his operation in a four-story brick building near the Connecticut River in Hartford. At a time when mattresses took a backseat to other home furnishings, Naboicheck made it his mission to deliver the most comfortable mattress to the market and by the end of 1945, Gold Bond had built an impressive clientele that included five-star hotels and people of power and influence on the East Coast.

Today, in the capable hands of Bob and his son Skip, Gold Bond continues a family tradition, Bob is third generation while Skip represents the fourth, and the company designs and manufactures a number of innerspring mattresses, futon sofa sleepers and specialty sleep mattresses to those in search of the perfect mattress for sleeping and relaxing.

In the innerspring category you’ll find the Premier collection that features the finest Mattresses Gold Bond makes. With firm, plush and pillowtop models available, the Premier series combines style and function to create a mattress known for its stability and full-body support. These mattresses also feature Gold Bond’s trademarked Balanced Rest Smart Coil System, an 850-count alternating right-, and left-turn innerspring coil system that produces full and evenly-distributed body support.

Getting in early when futons became popular, Gold Bond has helped to revolutionize the futon mattress and continues to have success with the low maintenance sleep option. The ViscoTouch futon features 3” of pressure-relieving memory foam that conforms exactly to your body’s unique shape. Light and flexible, this futon is easy to fold due to its contour-cut foam. The deep support and flexibility of the ViscoTouch helps people sleep soundly throughout the night.

Gold Bond also produces a number of specialty mattresses to help those who need specific mattress features to rest properly. The Smart Series 1000 features four way stitch knit fabric, 1” latex infused with gel, 1” gel memory foam, 2” high resilience convoluted foam, heavy polyester insulator pad, 416-coil 13 gauge body balance innerspring and heavy 1.75 fiber board to offer the ultimate in mattress comfort.