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Founded in 1896, the BarcaLounger Company is the oldest manufacturer of reclining chairs in the United States. For over a century, BarcaLounger has evolved with the changing style trends in the furniture industry, while still maintaining an exceptional level of comfort. Their sofas and recliners are carefully designed to complement your home’s aesthetic with a large variety of leather and fabric choices.

BarcaLounger specializes in recliners, pedestal chairs and ottomans, lift chairs and motion sofas. Enjoy the sleek design of luxury pieces, including the Artisan Recliner or Burbank Sofa. You can also accomplish a vintage look with the Churchill or Brookmore Collections. No matter your style, BarcaLounger furniture allows you to express yourself.

For relaxation and charm, browse our inventory of BarcaLounger designs, styles and colors. Enjoy life’s moments in comfortable furniture that best fits your desired look for your home.