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In 1900 W.A. Bulluck founded a small retail shop in Rocky Mount, NC that was eventually taken over by his grandson Bill in 1962 who took an interest in the special department for lamps and lampshades. He immediately took over the process of making customized lamps at the request of customers and by 1969 the store was producing a small line of handcrafted lamps.

During the 1980’s Wildwood expanded greatly to include decorative accessories, wall décor and occasional furniture, but it was the lamps that defined the brand. Today, Wildwood products can be found in showrooms in major cities across the country and their lamp-making is recognized as among the best in the world.

From the simple to the exquisite, Wildwood lamps bring style and flair into the homes of those looking for creative and functional pieces. The Luxe lamp is an example of stylish showmanship and includes a silver leaf finish and faceted crystal shade that is perfect for contemporary living rooms. Meanwhile, the Debordieu Lamp is more subtle and features cast composite shells and a textured matte finish that makes it more suited for traditional home living spaces.

Wildwood also manufactures a number of high quality chandeliers including the Stella model that is composed of solid brass and antique finish with six light fixtures. The opulence of this chandelier is only matched by its stated elegance. Another popular chandelier model is the Ella that features antique silver leaf on iron with crystal beads that make it a terrific addition to fancy foyers.

For a glittering chandelier that will sparkle the Luxe model is ideal for grand hallways and entrances. Featuring crystal prisms and drops this magnificent piece will dazzle for years to come and provide elegant illumination for the home.

Wildwood is also including cast composite lamps in their new collections. The Laguna Lamp features a teal finish and clear glass mounting while the Santa Clara Wedding Lamp has Carnelian Glaze on Porcelain and gold leaf mounting. You may also consider the brilliant Allure lamp that features antique gold leaf on iron with clear acrylic over gold leaf mounting.