Matching Moods with Room Decor

Posted in Home Interior Design Tips

In almost every home, you can find living spaces that reflect the mood of the homeowner. However, most people have changing moods that combine to form their personality. It makes sense to design your home decor based on the moods that make you feel comfortable. From the living room and dining room, to the bedroom and bathroom, selecting furnishings, paint and lighting that creates the mood you want is essential.

Different moods don’t make you temperamental; it just means you like to express yourself! From introspection and happiness to contemplative and reflective, many of us have traits that we fall back on when the moment suits us. And, when you have a home of your own, wouldn’t it be great to have specific rooms that match those moods so you can sit and read or have guests over to enjoy cocktails and conversation?

Here are a few tips for matching room decor with your moods to create living spaces you will feel comfortable in.

reclinerConsider Your Favorite Moods

Chances are, you have a few moods that regularly surface and help get you through the day. Then, think about living spaces in your home that would be an ideal match for those moods. For instance, if there are times when you like to be calm and reflective, consider decorating a study or den in soft blue hues with comfortable chairs that will give you space to read, listen to music or meditate. A chaise lounge or recliner would be a perfect furnishing fit in a room like this.

Social and Energetic

Look to furnish a living or entertainment room with lively colors, leather sofas and cocktail tables. This is a living space that will benefit from rich green and even soft purple hues that make guests feel welcome. Adding comfortable chairs and sofas along with functional and stylish tables create an atmosphere that is ideal for gathering with family and friends and enjoying an evening of conversation.

Indulge Your Creative Side

What better place to be creative than in the kitchen? This room needs to be both practical and stylish so you can feel inspired when trying new recipes or helping your kids with school projects. Kitchens often serve many purposes, so it helps to have versatile furniture such as swivel bar stools, sturdy countertops and shelf space for storage. Consider an energetic color scheme that isn’t too loud, but still has enough flair to keep you and your family upbeat and positive.

When you match the decor of preferred living spaces to your favorite moods, you’ll have a home that is designed perfectly for your unique lifestyle.