Furnishing Tips for New Construction

Posted in Home Interior Design Tips

Unfortunately, most homeowners buy an existing home and have to work with the space they have when it comes to furnishing. However, if you have the chance to build a brand new home from the ground up, you have the opportunity to fulfill all your design dreams. Knowing the amount of space you will have for kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms gives you an advantage and allows you to furnish exactly how you want. Of course, this doesn’t mean it will be an easy task.

These three helpful tips will get you started.

sketched floorplan Measurements

When you embark on building a new home, you will be sitting down with architects and contractors to plan the structure’s layout. During this time, it’s a good idea to jot down all the measurements that pertain to room sizes including width, height from floor to ceiling and square footage. Knowing these numbers in advance will prove beneficial later when you are shopping for sofas, dressers and lighting. Consider how you want certain rooms to look, specifically kitchens and master bedrooms, so you can let the architects know what size space you want.

Natural Lighting

You don’t have much say when decorating an existing home, but with a brand-new design, you have the benefit of dictating the terms when it comes to space. One area every homeowner wishes they had more of is natural light. During the design phase of the home, you have the chance to see where rooms will be facing and how to take advantage of natural sunlight. Deciding where the living room and kitchen will go allows you to get the most natural light possible to make each room more welcome and comfortable.

Unique Floor Space

Since this home was built especially for you, now is your chance to create unique living spaces. Whether you want a drop-down section in your living room, a winding spiral staircase in the main foyer or a spacious master bathroom with a walk-in shower and sauna, this is where you can lend your ideas to the blueprint. Plan for the space you need to create beautiful and functional rooms that are perfect for your needs!

Planning ahead is important for your brand-new home. Don’t wait until construction begins; be involved from the start to create living spaces you will truly enjoy.