Decorative Arts

For over forty years, Decorative Arts International has been a leading arbiter of taste in regards to interior home décor. Under the current guidance of Jeff Amend and Julie McBride, the Decorative Arts brand continues to deliver creative wall décor pieces in a number of treatment options to make any room in your home more attractive.

decorative arts logoWhether you have built a new home or are moving in to an existing home, it is important to consider every element of the interior design. From wall paint and furniture to occasional pieces and accessories every decision you make has an impact on the look and feel of your living spaces. This is especially true of wall décor. Empty and blank walls can leave rooms lacking a human touch and with the right fine art wall décor you can enhance any living space with the right artwork.

Decorative Arts began in 1969 when Bob and Diane Amend founded the company and began offering unique and exclusive art with unparalleled finishes to appreciative clientele. From the exquisite details of the frame borders to the innovative finishing techniques, Decorative Arts International manufactures some of the finest home wall décor pieces on the market

Homes reflect the owner’s personal taste and eye for style, so when it comes to planning individual room wall décor it is essential to have the necessary guidance. Decorative Arts offers a wide selection of wall décor themes including abstract and modern, landscapes and gardens, maps, birds and many others. Finding the right artwork for your home’s walls will greatly improve the ambiance and create a welcoming environment for family and friends.

Decorative Arts pieces have the option for custom finishing that allows you to seamlessly match artwork to your existing room décor. From master’s brushstroke and glass to sculpted antiquity and cracked antiquity, you can choose the ideal finish for your home’s interior.